Diocese of Gary
30th Teens Are Praying Together Retreat March 16 - 18, 2018
Camp Lawrence, Valpo


For a while I've felt like something is missing in my life. I now realize it was God. TAPT helped me find
that something I was searching for, and I've been much happier ever since!
~former TAPT retreat participant

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Promo Videos
 2018 Promo Video 1 (shown above)
2018 Promo Video 2

"What are teens saying about TAPT?" video 1
"What are teens saying about TAPT?" video 2

TAPT 30-2018 Promotional Flyers
The files below are have 2 pages- English and Spanish.

  > 8x11 flyer - full color 2-sided English/Spanish
  > 8x11 flyer - better-for-B/W-printers 2-sided English/Spanish
  > 11x17 poster - full color English/Spanish

Congrats to the TAPTsters of TAPT XXIX!
GO FORTH and see Christ in everyone you meet!

Check out the official photo gallery, courtesy official TAPT Photographer Jazmyn Becerra!

"TAPT veterans happily return to share their faith with their peers," NWI Catholic story about TAPT XXIX

T.A.P.T. is now an acronym for Teens Are Praying Together!
read more from Kev here


is a retreat program sponsored by the
Diocese of Gary Office for Youth & Young Adults
Phone: 219-769-9292  Email: yyakevATyahoo.com

OYYA programs are funded in part by generous donations to the diocesan Catholic Services Appeal
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